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1″X4″ Beetle Kill Pine

1×4, the most overlooked product we sell.. Many customers want the thickest, widest, and longest board they can find and we get that. But what about the little guys! We end up with a lot of 1×4 just by cutting logs in general. Most of our first cuts on the sawmill end up being boards that are sent to the edger and will likely only yield a 1×4 or 1×3. If you have ever visited the sawmill, you probably noticed the mountain of 1×4 we have around the yard.

One of the great things about our 1×4 is that they are the first cuts on the log, which means they are usually packed with blue stain color!

We are trying to turn a unit of 1×4 into either tongue and groove, shiplap, or S4S every week so that we can keep some stock around. 1×4 makes great feature walls,¬†wainscoting and trim.


Rough Cut: $1.50/bdft

Surface Planed(T&G, S4S, Shiplap): $2.00/bdft –¬† (Requires Order)

90% Defect Free, Square edges, Cut specifically for 16″ stud walls. Easy to install!: $3.50/sqft (Depends on availability.)

Use our lumber calculator to determine how many board feet you will need for your project and what it will cost!

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