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Black Walnut

Our yard is stocked with over 3000 bdft of Black Walnut logs at the moment. Most of these logs are green(high moisture content) with a few dead standing logs in the mix. We will be cutting and air drying most of the material throughout the year. We have a small selection of Black Walnut slabs available in the showroom but supply is limited on material that is ready to work.

All of the slabs that we cut from our logs in the yard will be available at a discounted price ($8-$15/bdft) if they are green. The price will go up on the material once it is air dried(below 19% moisture) for 6 months to a year and even further once it is kiln dried.

We will be able to cut some beautiful material out of the black walnut we carry and we look forward to getting these cut and ready for you to turn into something amazing!

Dead Standing – Below 15% MC – 6/4×14″x10′
4 available

Air Dried over 1 year — 2.5″x18″-20″x12′
TOTAL Board Feet: 49.5
Black Walnut

Green 38% MC — 2″x 20″x 57″
Fill these character slabs with some colorful epoxy for an eye catching finished piece!

Air Dried – Bookmatch – SOLD!

black walnut slabs

*We also have a glue up slab that is 8′ in length and around 20″ wide,  a few more air dried 6′-8′ slabs, a 4″x8″x6′ mantel, and a few random pieces available.

Use our lumber calculator to determine how many board feet you will need for your project and what it will cost!

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