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Sycamore and Cherry

We have 6 Sycamore slabs and 6 Cherry slabs.

Each slab is 2.5″ thick, up to 26″ wide and 8’9″ in length. Moisture is around 12% on all of the slabs.

These are truly one of a kind hardwood slabs! The color and grain patterns are absolutely stunning! The Sycamore has quilting patterns in the grain. The Cherry slabs have rich tones and distinct transitions from the sap wood to the heart wood. These Cherry slabs are upward of 26″ in width which in itself is a very rare find for Cherry! They are all very straight grained and right now are sitting at 2.5″ thick in the rough. Once planed down you can plan on having a finished product between 2″-2 1/4″ thick.

We would be happy to send you a picture of the slab that you are interested in. Please reference the item number below in your inquiry. All slabs but 2 are rough cut(they have not been planed). Planing and sanding is available for an additional charge.

PRICING: “C” = Cherry, “S” = Sycamore

C1 2.5″x25″x8’10” $1,200.00
C2 2.5″23″x8’10” $1,100.00
C3 2.5″x24″x8’10” $1,150.00
C4 2.5″x19″x8’9″ $900.00
C5 2.5″x15″x8’9″ $700.00
C6 2.5″x17″x9′ $800.00
S1 2.5″x20″x8’10” $950.00
S2 2.5″x20″x8’11” $960.00
S3 2.5″22″x8’10” $1,060.00
S4 2.5″x17″x8’10” $800.00
S5 2.5″x20″x8’9″ $950.00
S6 2.5″x19″x8’10” $900.00


cherry hardwood slab


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