Colorado Beetle Kill Products


 Lumber Pricing:

  • Lodgepole Pine
  • Ponderosa Pine
  • Douglas Fir
  • Engelmann Spruce
  • Aspen

Primarily our lumber is from Lodgepole and Ponderosa pine, please call for availability of Fir, Spruce and Aspen.   We custom cut lumber to order.   We do keep some inventory, please call for inventory on hand.  To place an order call Brad at 303-653-7646 or e-mail at

About Beetle Kill Lodgepole Pine Lumber:


Moisture Content:  Because the beetle kill tree is dead standing and has been for many years the moisture content in the lumber off the mill is rarely above 18% and frequently is under 12%.   We do sticker and air dry any material that is above 18% moisture content.

Color:   The blue color that is in the log is found in the outer sap ring of the log so color varies in the lumber depending on where the board was cut from the log.   Wider boards require large logs and typically large logs have small sap rings and produce less color in lumber.   Smaller logs typically have deeper sap rings and produce more color.  The optimal width for color is 8” material and under, 6” and 4” material produce the most color.   We do find more color in Ponderosa Pine for wide boards.

Cracks:  Because the beetle kill log comes from dead standing trees “THEY CRACK”.  We cull out lumber with large cracks that make the board unusable, we do not cull material with minor cracks, it is the nature of the wood.
Standard Grade Pricing:

This material has minimum to no color.  For material 8″ widths and under the cost is $1.10 per board foot, for 10″ wide material the cost is $1.20 per board foot and for 12″ material the cost is $1.50 per board foot.  For material 18′ and 20′ lengths add $.10 to the board foot price.

1′ of 1×12 material = 1 bf    
1′ of 1×10 material = .83 bf   (.83 x $1.20 per bf = $.99 per lf)
1′ of 1×8 material = .66 bf   (.66 x $1.10 per bf = $.72 per lf)
1′ of 1×6 material = .5 bf   (.5 x $1.10 per bf = $.55 per lf)
1′ of 1×4 material = .33 bf   (.33 x $1.10 per bf = $36 per lf)
Double for 2″ material, triple for 3″ material and so on.


Planed Lumber T&G, S4S and Trims:

Add $0.50 per board foot to the above pricing for molder planer work.   For custom profiles a knife charge will apply, please call for quote.

Furniture Grade Lumber:

This material is sorted for our woodworker customers.   Furniture grade material has premium color qualities, straight grains, tight knots and book matched cuts.  This lumber will be cut to custom sizes to fit your order.   Cost for furniture grade material varies from $1.50 to $2.50 per board foot depending on quality.   Please call Brad 303-653-7646 or e-mail for quote.

Post and Pole Pricing (pricing per l.f):

Peeled Logs are Hand Peeled with Draw Knife


3” / 5”

6” / 7”

8” / 9”

10” / 11”

12” / 13”

14” / 15”

16” / 17”

18” / 20”




















Slab Wood:

Sorted slabs solid pieces with no cracks, varies in width and length.  Cost- $2.00 to $3.00 each.

Cord Slab Bundles.   Cost- $100.00 ea. for one, two or more $80.00 ea.

Custom Milling:

Your logs milled by us is $100.00 per hour with a $100.00 minimum.  A $5.00 per tooth charge is applied for metal or stones in logs (up to 18 teeth).  Stickers for green lumber are $0.25 each.


For deliveries local and the front range area the cost is $4.00 per loaded mile.


We ship lumber all over the country via Common Carrier for large loads and UPS or FedEx for smaller orders.   For quotes e-mail your specifications and shipping address to or call Brad at 303-653-7646

*Prices are subject to change without notice.   No refunds, exchanges only.  These exchanges must be made within 10 days of purchase.
**(fine print) due to recent government bullshit we are forced to charge for “shooting the shit”.  This cost may vary depending on the quality of shit being shot so bring your best shit. 
Thank You, The Management


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