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Rough Cut Beetle Kill Pine

Rough Cut Beetle Kill Pine

Rough cut lumber is one of our primary products. Our rough cut lumber is cut on both our circular sawmill and our band sawmill, both of which leave a different saw mark pattern on the lumber. We take the time and effort to cut rough cut material that is true to the required dimension with a very small variance.

While we are able to cut to almost any dimension that our logs will produce, our standard lumber sizes are shown in the image below. We are able to cut custom sizes outside of these dimensions upon request.


lumber size scale

Examples of Rough Cut Material:

8/4 Rough Cut Lumber


Rough Cut T&G

rough cut beetle kill pine

8/4 Rough Cut Lumber


4/4 Douglas Fir

douglas fir lumber

Live Edge Rough Cut Lumber

live edge rough cut lumber

Rough Sawn Ponderosa Pine 4/4×6″

Use our lumber calculator to determine how many board feet you will need for your project and what it will cost!

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