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Beetle Kill Pine Tongue and Groove and Shiplap

Blue Stain Pine Tongue and Groove is an excellent option for an interior wood siding option. It is used commonly for interior walls and ceilings. We offer Kiln Dried Blue Stain Pine and Buggy Beetle Kill Pine in a variety of options listed below. While the blue/grey tones vary from board to board, we take the time to make sure that every pack of lumber has a good variation of color and character.

One of the benefits of being a sawmill and a lumber yard is our ability to offer you everything you need for your wood project. For instance, we can mill you trim for your blue stain T&G. We can cut and sand a beautiful beetle kill mantle to go along with your T&G. We can build you a one of a kind beetle kill pine table top to go with your wood siding. The options go on and on! Please reach out to us today to discuss how we can help make your project come to life.

Blue Stain Pine – Kiln Dried – Ponderosa Pine/Sugar Pine
1×4 – Actual: 3/4″x3.5″ – Available in Lodgepole Pine as well (Not KD)
1×6 – Actual: 3/4″x5.25″
1×8 – Actual: 3/4″x7.25″
1×10 and 1×12 Available Upon Request

Profile Options: Bevelled T&G, Square Edge T&G, Nickel Gap T&G, Shiplap

We offer two options on Kiln Dried Beetle Kill Pine

Option #1: Blue Stain Pine – Free from bug holes. The obvious difference here is that this product will not have bug holes in it. The color in the Blue Stain Pine is not quite as vibrant as that of the buggy wood. Having said that, it still makes for a beautiful wood siding option. Below are some examples of the Blue Stain Pine.

Option #2: Buggy Blue Stain Pine – The Buggy Blue Stain Pine has bug holes throughout the boards. Don’t worry, there are not any bugs! All of this material is Kiln Dried and free from insects. The Buggy Blue has much deeper blue/gray tones in the wood throughout.

Use our lumber calculator to determine how many board feet you will need for your project and what it will cost!

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