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Black Walnut Coffee Table Slabs

We have a very unique inventory of short black walnut slabs that would make absolutely beautiful coffee tables for your home! These slabs are around 1″ 5/8″ thick, 16″-24″ wide, and close to 5′ in length. All of the slabs are dry, surface planed, and ready for a varnish and a base!

Need it varnished? We work closely with a woodworker who does excellent finishing work!

Need a base? We are working with a very talented metal fabricator who can design a base to fit each slab specifically!

The voids in these character black walnut slabs make for a very unique talking piece that will definitely stand out in your home! You can put glass over the slab, have a glass piece cut to fit the void, pour clear or colored epoxy into the void. The options are endless!

ON SALE!!! $15/bdft!! (AROUND $200 EACH)

black walnut
black walnut coffee table

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