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Live Edge Black Walnut Slabs

Last Updated: 1/25/2021 

NOTE: We will be doing inventory on several thousand feet of slabs in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned!

Current Live Edge Black Walnut Slab Stock:

Live Edge Black Walnut:
Quantity: ~15,000bdft (Most of this has NOT been inventoried yet)
Size: T:2.5″, W:12-40″, L:6-16′, Moisture: Low-Mid-High

We have an EXCELLENT assortment of beautiful Live Edge Black Walnut Slabs available for purchase. All of the slabs are currently rough cut off the sawmill which is perfect for intermediate-expert builders and woodworkers. We can also flatten the slab for the DIY folks who want to take it home and finish yourself. Finally, if you would like us to commission your build, we would be happy to turn one or more of these slabs into your next dream piece in your home or office!

Note: We also have a selection of Spalted Maple, Eastern Red Cedar, Hackberry, and Honey Locust all milled from the Amish available. Product pages for these species will be available soon!

What people love about Black Walnut.
– Very stable wood.
– High Density wood makes it great for heavy traffic.
– Gorgeous natural rich and lush brown to black tones do not compete with most of the other design elements in your space.
– Timeless!

What can you build with live edge Black Walnut?
– River Tables! – The character in walnut makes for stellar epoxy designs!
– Dining Tables, Conference Tables
– Bar Tops
– Live Edge Shelves
– Kitchen Islands
– Office Desk Top
– Wood Counter Tops
– Bathroom Vanities

We have over 15,000bdft of slabs to chose from right now and more on the way!

Note: Inventory is constantly changing and these pictures may or may not be updated to reflect our actual slabs in stock.

Use our lumber calculator to determine how many board feet you will need for your project and what it will cost!

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