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T&G, Shiplap, S4S

Beetle Kill Pine tongue and groove is one of our most popular items. We typically yield the best material out of beetle kill pine when we mill our T&G in 4″-8″ widths. We can leave a smooth or rough finish and a straight or bevelled edge.

1″x4″ Finished at:3/4″x3.5″ – $2.00/sqft (Yields the best color)
1/2″ and 3/8″ available.

Most Popular
1″x6″ Finished at:3/4″x5.5″ – $2.19/sqft
3/4″x6″ Finished at:1/2″x5.5″ – $2.06/sqft
1″x8″ Finished at:3/4″x7.5″ – $2.50/sqft
1/2″ and 3/8″ available.

FLOORING: The difference between our regular T&G and our flooring T&G is the amount of sorting we do to cull out cracks, loose knots, etc.. All of the beetle kill pine we cut is from dead standing material which means that every single log we cut has a giant crack in it. While we sort for compromising cracks and color in our standard material, we take an extra step with flooring. Our flooring starts at $3.50/sqft.

– 10″ wide T&G is also available upon request.
– Thicker material is available upon request.
– White beetle kill pine is also available and for a lesser rate.
– All prices are subject to change without notice.


rough cut tongue and groove beetle kill
beetle kill pine tongue and groove rough cut


Beetle Kill Pine Tongue and Groove

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