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We offer competitive pricing on lumber, logs, custom millwork, and more.

    • About Our Lumber
    • Please read about company policies including shipping, returns, material.
    • Primary Lumber Types: Lodgepole Pine, Ponderosa Pine, and Douglas Fir.
    • Live Edge Hardwood species we carry with limited availability: Black Walnut, Spalted Maple, Redwood Live Edge Slabs, Sycamore, Sasafrass, White Oak, Cherry
    • We do not currently fill orders under 200bdft unless it is for material that we either already have in stock or that we expect to be cutting from another order(Exceptions: Slabs, Tops, Mantles). We do not ship orders under 200bdft. Saturday walk-ins welcome to fill small orders!

Lumber Pricing

    • Rough Cut

      Mill Grade Lumber

    • Blue Pine: $2.00-$4.00+/bdft
    • White Pine: $1.50/bdft
    • Douglas Fir: $1.86-$3.50+/bdft
    • Aspen: Call for pricing.
    • Rough Cut Hardwoods

      Most of our hardwoods are cut 2"-2.5" thick and have at least one live edge.

    • Black Walnut: $19-$30+/bdft
    • Sycamore: $10-$14+/bdft
    • Cherry: $22+/bdft
    • Sasafrass: $25+/bdft
    • White Oak: $16-$20+/bdft
    • Surface Planed Lumber

      Tongue and Groove, Shiplap, S4S, etc.

    • Blue Pine: $3.17-$3.92/sqft
    • Knotty Pine: $2.10-$2.50/sqft
    • Douglas Fir: $2.50-$2.90/sqft
    • Aspen: Call for pricing.
    • Surface Planed Hardwood Slabs and Beams
    • Flattening: $75/hr - 3hr min
    • Surface Beams over 16/4: $2-$4/bdft
    • Woodworking

      Custom Woodworking, Wood Bases, Custom Installs

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Mantels, Live Edge Slabs, and Custom Sawmilling Pricing

    • Slabs: Live Edge Hardwood and Softwood
    • Blue Pine - $3-$10/bdft
    • Hardwood - $10-$40/bdft
    • We sell pine, fir, aspen, and hardwood slabs that vary in size. Most of our hardwood slabs are live edge. Check out some of our current inventory here.
    • Custom Bandsaw Milling
    • $100-$200/hr
    • With our 50HP electric Baker Blue Streak Sawmill, we able to mill slabs, cants, rounds, and dimensional lumber. Our capacity is 27" but we can take a 36" log.
    • We charge $45/sawblade that gets ruined from obstructions in the logs such as nails, bullets, fencing wire, or whatever else the log consumed over the years. It pays to check your logs very closely for obstructions before bringing them to the mill.

Log Pricing

    • Natural
    • LF: Linear Foot
    • Call for quote.

Miscellaneous Pricing

    • Firewood Slabs
    • April-August: $60/cord September-March: $80/cord
    • We sell our side slabs as firewood that come off the logs when milling lumber in order to reduce waste.
    • The firewood is packages in 1-cord bundles as seen in the image below.