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Mountain Heart Woodworks. A Family Run Operation For More Than 20 Years.


Mountain Heart Woodworks. Colorado’s Source For Wholesale Beetle Kill Lumber.


From the heart of the mountains to the front range and Colorado plains

Beetle Kill Trade AssociationMountain Heart Woodworks is a company based in Elizabeth, Colorado that promotes sustainable wood products. From the devastation of the mountain pine beetle and wild fires in the heart of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, we bring blue pine lumber from the heart of the mountains to the front range and plains of Colorado. Consider the blue pine option for your next lumber/log project and be part of renewing our forest.


Beetle Kill Lodgepole Pine

The Colorado Lodgepole pine has been over taken by the Mountain Pine Beetle {MPB} sadly our forest will never be the same again. The upside from the MPB is if this timber is harvested new growth will come back and the harvested trees make beautiful blue pine lumber.

Colorado Ponderosa Pine

Colorado Ponderosa PineWe also cut Ponderosa pine from the high plains of Elbert County the trees that built Denver. The Ponderosa is also being effected by beetle kill and wild fires, these logs also can produce very colorful wood with deep blues, reds and browns. Unlike the lodgepole pine these trees are larger and produce wider boards.

Custom Milling and Cutting

Mountain Heart Custom FurnitureBring us your logs or have us pick them up and we can make lumber from your trees for your project. We use a circular saw with one main blade and the option of one or two edger blades which allows us to minimize the cracks and maximize the color in the logs.

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