Frequently Asked Questions

We are closed to the public Monday through Friday. We encourage everyone who is interested in visiting the mill for small projects and browsing to come on Saturdays between 9am and 3pm.


We offer local delivery services at a rate of $4 per loaded mile. Local shipments are available on a limited basis. Our primary shipping service is through LTL common carriers.

We also broker with shipping companies to offer nationwide shipping for our customers. We strap and sticker our lumber securely to make sure that your lumber leaves our yard in ready to ship condition.

While we make sure to secure your package before it leaves our yard, we do not guarantee the condition of your load from the time it leaves our yard to the time it arrives at your location. We highly recommend that you insure your lumber shipment to protect your order from any damage that may occur during shipment.

Buyers are responsible for shipping material back to Mountain Heart Woodworks and in the same condition that they received it in. If the material is damaged during shipment, Mountain Heart Woodworks will file a claim on the buyers behalf to reclaim the damaged goods. Please do NOT break the pack open if it appears to be damaged on arrival. Take pictures of the pack and send them to us.

If a package is returned to Mountain Heart Woodworks and it is deemed that the lumber material is in acceptable condition and has not been damaged, the buyer will pay in full for the material and shipping. Shipping costs for sending material back to our yard is the responsibility of the buyer.


Minimum Order

All orders under 200BF are subject to an increase in price. Minimum orders do not apply to products worth more than $100.00.

Order Deposit

We reserve the right to require a 50% non-refundable down payment on any order.


While we work hard to maintain fair and competitive pricing, all pricing is subject to change without notice.

Moisture Content

Mountain Heart Woodworks is not responsible for the moisture content of any of the lumber sold at the mill unless explicitly defined during the sale. It is up to the buyer to specify moisture requirements and check the moisture of the material before they use it and or make a purchase. Non of the material we mill is kiln dried(We are shooting to have a kiln up and running by late 2017). Most of the material we sell is from dead standing trees which typically have a moisture content ranging from 6%-12% straight off the sawmill. Higher moisture contents are possible, especially if lumber is being shipped across the country and acclimating to different environments.

Return Policy

Prices are subject to change without notice. No refunds, exchanges only. These exchanges must be made within 10 days of purchase. All refunds will be returned in the order they were received. This means that if you use a credit card to purchase lumber, the card will be reimbursed for a refund. NO checks will be sent for credit card purchases. We have this policy to prevent fraud attempts with credit cards.


Mountain Heart Woodworks does not provide any type of warranty for any of the material we sell. All goods are sold in AS IS condition. Mountain Heart Woodworks is not responsible for the changes that may occur to our lumber once it leaves our yard. Lumber is a natural raw good and has the potential to warp, crack, twist, change moisture, etc. The responsibility of the buyer is to understand the nature of the material before making a purchase. AS IS condition includes but is not limited to material that has been glued together, planed, sanded, cut, burnt, etc.