Aspen & Cedar Lumber


If you’re looking for something elegant and clean Aspen may be the answer.  All our Aspen is harvested in Colorado. We mill mostly T&G lumber material out of our Colorado Aspen but we also mill some Live Edge Slabs, Mantels and Rough Cut lumber material for our woodworker customers.

Sapwood comprises the majority of the wood in Aspen. This lumber material has a distinct Whiteness and beautiful brown streaks from the heartwood core. Aspen has a fine grain and is uniform in texture.  Even though Aspen is considered a hardwood you can work it easily with hand tools because of its softness.  The wood resists splitting when nailing or screwing and glues well.

Cedar / Colorado Juniper and Eastern Red Cedar

On a limited basis we do get both Colorado Juniper and Eastern Red Cedar in our yard.The Colorado Juniper we mostly mill into beautiful Rustic Mantels and use for Fence Posts or Porch Columns.

We are developing sources for Eastern Red Cedar and are excited to start caring more of this product.  The Eastern Red Cedar has many uses.  Some examples are exterior siding, interior T&G, live edge slabs and much more.  It has a fine grain but soft texture, which makes it great to work with.  Cedar is highly resistant to decay and repels insects and one of it’s most endearing qualities is its wonderful aroma.