T&G / S4S / Shiplap Lumber

Blue Stain Pine, Douglas Fir, Colorado Sourced & Milled
T&G / Shiplap / S4S

Locally sourced and milled Colorado Beetle Kill Pine! We have been selling this product for many years and we hope to continue to do so as long as we can get good logs to cut! The problem we always face is finding GOOD lodgepole pine logs that have not been sitting in the forest for the last 15-20 years rotting away. It’s getting harder and harder to do which is why we offer our Kiln Dried Siding as well. Having said that, you are dead set on using Colorado Beetle Kill Pine, we have you covered!

One advantage here is that we can cut this lumber material to different specs. We can mill you 1/2″ up to 2″ thick T&G. Typical widths are 4″,6″, and 8″. All of the lodgepole pine we cut is from dead standing material and while it is not Kiln Dried, it comes off the sawmill with a moisture content of around 6-10% which is completely acceptable or most uses. Expect longer lead times with this option as we have to cut it on site and mill it right here at our shop.

– Square Edge Tongue and Groove (with or without nickel gap)
– Bevelled Tongue and Groove (V-Groove)
– Shiplap (with or without nickel gap)
– S4S (smooth on four sides)
– Flooring T&G (Tongue recessed for nail head. Relief groove on underside.)
Note: These are our most common profiles. We have access to virtually any profile you may need. If you have something specific, please ask.

– 1″x4″ Finished at:3/4″x3.5″
– 1″x6″ Finished at:3/4″x5.5″
– 1″x8″ Finished at:3/4″x7.5″
– 3/4″x4″ Finished at:1/2″x3.5″
– 3/4″x6″ Finished at:1/2″x5.5″

Thicker sizing available upon request.